Summer Institute in American Philosophy

“The Reaches of Pragmatism”

Summer Institute in American Philosophy

School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Ireland

June 8-13, 2015

The 2015 Summer Institute in American Philosophy will be held at University College Dublin, Ireland from June 8-13, 2015. This is the first time that the SIAP, organized annually by the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, is being held in Europe. Appropriately, the 2015 Institute will explore the influences, interconnections, and encounters between pragmatism and other philosophical traditions. 

The Summer Institute in American Philosophy is designed for faculty members, early career researchers and advanced graduates in philosophy and related disciplines who are interested in American philosophy in general and Pragmatism and Neo-Pragmatism in particular. Cheryl Misak, Hilary Putnam (via Skype) and Robert Brandom will deliver key-note addresses on the theme of the Summer Institute.  The daily program will be centered around plenary panels led by a number of distinguished experts, spanning multiple sessions over two or three days. The panels for this year are on “Analytic Pragmatism” (Huw Price, Steven Levine, Bill DeVries, and Jim O'Shea), “Pragmatism and European Philosophy” (Maeve Cooke, Chris Norris, Michael Bacon), “Feminist Pragmatism” (Marilyn Fisher, Charlene Seigfried, Clara Fisher, Ryan Musgrave), “Re-Reading the Pragmatist Canon” (Joe Margolis, Mari Baghramian, Fergal McHugh, Sarin Marchetti), Pragmatism and Education (Naoko Saito, Eileen Brennan, Darren Garside, Áine Mahon) and “Pragmatism in China” (Jiang Yi, Carlin Romano). There will also be a number of refereed sessions, including paper presentations and works-in-progress meetings.

All attendants of the Summer Institute will be awarded a certificate of participation upon request. It is also possible to obtain credits for the module “American Philosophy: The Reaches of Pragmatism” upon payment of an additional fee and submitting written work. For further information on this option please contact Professor Maria Baghramian (Maria.Baghramian [at]

The program will also include side trips to historic and cultural sites in Dublin and its environs. Participants will have a chance to gather each night in restaurants and pubs in Dublin city center to continue the day's discussions or to attend concerts and other cultural events. 




The American Voice in Philosophy project is supported by:

  • The IRCHSS (“New Ideas” Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • UCD School of Philosophy
  • The International Journal of Philosophical Studies
  • UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies.
  • Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy
  • UCD Seed Funding

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